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5 Ways to Make Your Morning Mindful

  1. Rest and Rehydrate

Make sure you’re getting your 8 hours sleep. When the alarm sounds, try to avoid pressing the snooze button. And avoid any screens. Instead head straight to the kitchen and rehydrate. Perhaps with a glass of water infused with your favourite fruit.

  1. Tea Making Rituals

Be mindful when making your morning cuppa. Savour every moment including slowly pouring your choice of milk into your favourite hot tipple. Sip slowly and feel the warmth of the cup in your hands. Enjoy the quiet and still.

  1. Embracing Aromas

Take time over making your breakfast, treat yourself with toppings on your porridge or herbs on your eggs. And before you take that first bite, notice the aromas and even the noises as the eggs fry or the kettle boils.

  1. Tantalising Tastebuds

Try to avoid eating your breakfast as you walk out the door. Take time to sit down and really enjoy the explosion of flavour in your mouth.

  1. Conscious Clean-up

When you’re done, take the time to clean after yourself. Even make the washing-up a calming ritual when you put the clean dishes back in their place.