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Bread Delivery

The Milk & More online bakery is the best place to get British-baked bread delivery, including popular favourites from WarburtonsHovis, Kingsmill, Allinson's and Jacksons of Yorkshire, all delivered fresh to your door in time for breakfast. Be sure to log in to your account to see if we also deliver our regionally-made artisan delights from The Artisan Bakery to your area, including tangy sourdough and rich multigrain varieties.

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to your freshly baked bread? Check out our wide selection of milk and breakfast items to complete your morning meal.

32 Products found
32 Products found

Bread FAQs

All you need to make the perfect garlic bread is a delicious loaf, a creamy butter and a few flavourings. Check out our easy instructions on how to whip up this delicious snack at home.
A delicious loaf of banana bread is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. Pick up your bananas here, and head on over to our blog for some tips and tricks on how to bake the perfect banana bread at home.
The breads we sell contain between 200 and 300 calories per 100g. To find full nutritional information for each loaf, always check the ‘Additional Information’ section on each product.
It depends! We have a wide variety of loaves from different fantastic brands, including Hovis and Warburtons. We're also happy to sell whole loaves fresh out the oven, so you can slice them up to your preference.
Sourdough is a method of bread making, the processes of which can vary between bakeries, but certain key stages must be followed to create a 'genuine' sourdough loaf. This involves achieving an authentic rise and flavour without relying on yeast, additives or other external leavening agents.
To defrost bread, always check the packaging as the manufacturers' instructions will vary across different products.
Keeping bread wrapped in its packaging will keep it fresher for longer. To prevent waste, you can also freeze any that you’re not planning on using soon.
We can proudly offer loaves to suit every taste - wholemeal, white, seeded, as well as several varieties of sourdough. We also have sliced and unsliced, with loaves from some of the country’s most respected bakeries including Warburtons, Jacksons of Yorkshire, The Artisan Bakery and Hovis.
Yes, you'll find full ingredients, nutritional information and allergen information under 'Additional Information' on every product on our website.
Your bread will be delivered overnight by your milkman, before 7am. While you can't schedule what time it is delivered, you are able to choose from three available delivery days each week, which will show in your account and appear in bold on your calendar when selecting your deliveries.
Yes, all of our breads are available for regular delivery, as well as one-off deliveries. To get started, click on 'Deliver Regularly' on your chosen product, chose the frequency you'd like to receive it, the quantity for each day, then click 'Add to basket.' Remember, you can always change quantities right up until 9pm the night before your next delivery is due.
According to the NHS, bread, especially wholemeal, granary, brown and seeded varieties, is a healthy choice to eat as part of a balanced diet. These varieties in particular are good sources of energy, and contain B vitamins, Vitamin E, fibre and a range of minerals.