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Frequently Asked Questions

At Milk & More, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. To make things quicker and easier for you, please see our FAQs below where you may find your query answered. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, or feel you would like some further assistance, then please call our friendly and helpful customer support team on 0345 606 3606. 


Regular orders contain the products you would like to have delivered to your doorstep every week. Simply find the product you would like, click the ‘Deliver Regularly’ button and choose the quantity of the product and the days you wish to have it delivered weekly or fortnightly.
You can make adjustments to the quantities and delivery days of your regular orders as well as delete them by visiting 'My Orders' or ‘My Regular Orders’ section within your account. All you need to do is make your desired changes and then click ‘Save’ to have your regular orders updated. If you have promotions in your existing order, please check that they are still valid at the time you place your new order.
You can add new products to your regular order by finding the product you would like on the website and following the normal ‘Deliver Regularly’ checkout journey.
Use the ‘My Holidays’ section within your account to enter the dates for which you would like to pause your deliveries, then click ‘Save’ to confirm the changes with your milkman.
If your order hasn't been delivered you will receive a refund for that order. If you have any concerns please call our customer service team on 0345 606 3606 and we'll look into it for you.
We must have had an issue getting all of the products you ordered. We apologies for the inconvenience. You will receive a refund for the items that weren’t delivered. If you think something is amiss, call us on 0345 606 3606 and we’ll try to help you.
You can give us details on where you'd like your milkman to leave your order, by entering your desired delivery instructions in the ‘My Details’ section of your account.
When setting up your regular orders you can choose to either have them weekly or fortnightly. If you'd like to change orders which you've already set-up, click on 'View My Regular Orders' at the bottom of 'My Confirmed Orders' and you'll be able to change the delivery frequency of each item.
Yes, if we don't have any of your requested items we will do our best to substitute them with good alternatives. If do have to substitute a product, you will only be charged the price of the original item, or, if the substitute is cheaper, you will be charged the lower price instead, and we will refund the difference.If the item you have requested has been discontinued, we will let you know of the changes and may directly replace it with a substitute. If you don't want to keep the substituted item for any reason please contact our Customer Care team on 0345 606 3606 within 3 working days of delivery who will be happy to arrange a refund for you.
The easiest way to find out if we deliver to your new address is to check your postcode within the 'My Address' section available in 'My Account'. When you enter your new postcode you will be told whether or not we deliver to your new area, and if so, who your new milkman will be.
Yes, your regular items should appear on the new website within the 'My Regular Order' in the 'My Account' section.
No, you should have been emailed your last invoice before the move to our new website. If you need further information just call our friendly customer service team on 0345 606 3606.
As with any online shop, the confirmation emails we send to you for both orders and cancellations are for you to have as a record of what you have requested and committed to. These emails are a legal requirement that we must send to your registered account email and as such you cannot unsubscribe from them. We recommend you keep them for your records until you no longer require them
Offline orders can’t be automatically transferred to your online account, however we have quick and easy steps on our website which you can follow to set up your regular orders online. When your offline account is closed, your milkman will bring you your final invoice which you can pay in the usual way, direct to your milkman. From then on, your future deliveries and payments will be managed online, so you will not be able to place orders directly with your milkman.
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