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Celebrating Sourdough September With Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery

Sourdough September, run by The Real Bread Campaign, is all about encouraging people to experience and enjoy the unique taste of ‘genuine’ sourdough. We’re thrilled to celebrate it by welcoming to our online bakery five lovely loaves (and some naughty pastries!) from the prestigious Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery. This remarkable British bakery’s goods have graced some of the most renowned restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and attractions around the world. We caught up with their star bakers to find out just what separates a proper sourdough from the ‘sourfaux.’

Can you tell us a bit about the history of Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery?

Since 2006, we've fuelled our expertise in exceptional bread-making with a passion that makes us industry leaders. Every day, we bake hundreds of loaves for esteemed chefs, drawing inspiration from their dedication to quality and innovation. This foundation has established us as prominent figures in the UK sourdough scene among chefs and restaurateurs. We firmly believe that sourdough shouldn't be reserved for fancy restaurants; it's an everyday delight that can elevate simple home meals.


Why are you excited for Sourdough September?

Sourdough September encourages bread enthusiasts to celebrate the daily pleasure of real bread. At our bakery, every month is Sourdough September!


Sourdough September is all about ‘genuine’ sourdough. What exactly is a genuine loaf and how can you identify it?

Sourdough is often misconstrued as a type of bread, when in reality, it's a method of bread production. While the specific process can vary between bakeries, certain key stages must be followed to create genuine sourdough bread. This entails achieving an authentic rise and flavour without relying on yeast, additives, or other external leavening agents.

Distinguishing real sourdough is straightforward. The texture, aroma, and appearance are immediate indicators. If the crumb structure is overly soft, additives or yeast might be at play. If the scent resembles that of supermarket sliced bread, it's time to inspect the ingredients list.


Can you talk us through the Seven Seeded artisan craft?

Crafted through a meticulous 9 step process, our Seven Seeded Sourdough embodies quality at every stage:

Sourcing. We meticulously select top-notch organic ingredients, from premium organic and regenerative wheats to thoughtfully chosen organic seeds. The bread's excellence arises from this combination, skill, and time.

Mother dough care. Our sourdough's strength hinges on nurturing our levains, the ‘mother’ cultures. We feed them twice daily, assessing their health, appearance, and pH levels. We seek a bubbly, aerated mother dough with character and optimal acidity for use in our recipes.

Mixing and autolyse. After peak levain condition, we blend organic flours, water, and key ingredients like seeds. A 30 minute autolyse period allows full hydration, enhancing dough stretchiness, flavour, and nutrient retention. Sea salt is added, followed by a 10 minute gentle mix.

Bulk fermentation. The dough rests and develops, doubling in size over about 2 hours. A stretch and fold helps structure formation and uniformity.

Shaping. After an additional hour of rest, the dough is divided, hand shaped into balls, and then bloomers, rolled with our signature seven-seed blend then rested in wooden proofing baskets.

Overnight retarding. Proofing baskets are chilled at 5 degrees for controlled fermentation, enriching flavour as rising slows.

Baking. After 12-28 hours, loaves are baked in stone deck ovens. Seeds toast, imbuing a nutty, smoky flavour and satisfying crunch.

Packing. Each batch’s quality is ensured through taste tests. Loaves cool for an hour, then are packed in recyclable paper bags for our valued customers.


How do you recommend savouring a Seven Seeded sourdough?

We recommend you enjoy our Hertfordshire sourdough toasted with quality butter for life's simple pleasures.

Elevate your avocado toast with our Seven Seeded Sourdough, topped with crushed avocado, lime, sea salt, cracked black pepper, a touch of chilli and coriander.

Indulge in a luxurious grilled cheese sandwich using our London Sourdough. Grate cheddar, Red Leicester and leeks between buttered slices to create a delicious masterpiece when grilled to perfection.


Find out more about Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery and embrace Sourdough September the tastiest way possible by picking up one of their delicious loaves here.