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A Float Side Chat With Lottie Shaw, Our Favourite Yorkshire Baker

Every Christmas, we search for the country’s top tastemakers to deliver the best festive treats to your doorstep. One such talent we come back to year after year is Lottie Shaw, owner of Lottie Shaw’s Bakery in Yorkshire. For us, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without her deep filled mince pies and adorable classic stocking fillers. This year, we caught up with Lottie for a float side chat to find out all about the magic behind her best Christmassy bakes.

Many of your treats are inspired by traditional British recipes. What's the story behind your love for these classics? 

We are third generation family craft bakers using many of the recipes passed down through the years. Our customers love them as we create great products baked to the good old-fashioned recipes. The biggest compliment we get is when people say it taste ‘as good as my grandmas baking!’ 

Are there any Yorkshire Christmas traditions? 

Many of us enjoy a slice of fruit cake with a wedge of cheese which I understand is possibly a Yorkshire tradition. 

When it comes to Christmas-themed baked goods, what’s the most extravagant and creative item your bakery has ever crafted? 

We baked the world’s largest mince pie (allegedly!) for GMTV and then donated it to the local children’s hospice. 

It’s Christmas movie night. Which classic film would you choose, and what would be your must-have snack? 

Home Alone with a hand decorated Gingerbread Snowman treat and a hot chocolate. 

Can you tell us more about your commitment to sustainability and using local ingredients? 

Where possible we source our ingredients, packaging and machinery locally. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible and we are currently on our B Corp journey. 

Have you ever had a baking mishap that turned into a delicious surprise? 

When we bake our biscuits it’s inevitable that sometimes we have broken ones and when working out what to do with these, we created the base for a fabulous lime cheesecake that tastes delicious. 

What’s the most unusual or unexpected ingredient you've ever incorporated into a baked good? 

We have recently been asked to add some cheese into our mince pies! 

What delightful festive-themed treats can we expect from your bakery this year? 

This year we have been baking our traditional deep filled mince pies which are presented in our new embossed packaging making them the perfect gift, also Gingerbread Snowman Gift Packs and Gingerbread Decorating Kit. 

And finally... mince pies and Christmas cake… who would be crowned king of Christmas? 

Mince pies for me every time!