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Zen Garden Cocktail with Double Dutch Tonic

We have Double Dutch Drinks and their fabulously lively tonic water to thank for this sublime, summery recipe. This fruity mocktail has a calming blend of extra fresh flavours that are really brought out by the crispness of the Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic Water. Enjoy it one summery evening in the sun with or without a splash of dry gin for an extra cool glass of refreshment.

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What you'll need

  • A splash of elderflower cordial (optional)
  • Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic Water
  • 50ml cloudy apple juice
  • 1 wheel of lime
  • 1 ribbon of cucumber
  • 5 fresh mint leaves

Products used

How to make

  1. Start by muddling the mint leaves at the bottom of a glass.
  2. Top with ice and pour in your apple juice, and elderflower cordial if you like.
  3. Top with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon.
  4. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon and lime wheel.
  5. Cheers and enjoy!