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Compost Demystified: Summer Gardening Secrets From Durstons

It is believed that around half of the UK’s 30 million gardeners don’t know which compost to buy, but worry not as Durston Garden Products is here to explain it all!

If you’re seeking a top-quality compost you deploy for the widest possible range of garden and allotment needs, Durston’s Multi-Purpose Compost is your bag. Packed with essential plant nutrients and blended for maximum water absorption, aeration and drainage, this can be used to replenish garden borders and raised beds, repot houseplants and bring on young plants in the greenhouse or outdoors. The Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes has extra water retention, perfect for drier than average or rocky gardens. Both of these composts come with added Gro-Boost, Durston’s specially formulated blend of peat-free organic materials from renewable sources, which provides a long-lasting nutrient boost to plants.

Sustainable gardening depends upon peat-free growing media to ensure your efforts are environmentally friendly and non-damaging to nature. The preservation of our native peatlands is crucial for the biodiversity and environmental health of our nation and - by choosing peat-free soils - you can play your part in helping to preserve our unique natural landscapes, without compromising on the quality essential to successful growing.

In last year’s survey the RHS found that issues of sustainability were of primary concern to 82% of respondents, compared to just 30% in 2013. Durston’s Peat-Free Organic Multi-Purpose Compost produced entirely from renewable sources is ideal for cultivating all kinds of fruit, flowers and vegetables in gardens, allotments or containers. Farmyard Manure - a rich blend of organic materials - will condition soil ready for planting, whilst the general Soil Conditioner made from 100% renewable sources is perfect for improving problem soils and delivering a suitable PH for most plants, even those which prefer a more acidic environment.

Make sure you check out Durstons gardening products for even more tips, tricks, and the best gardening products around to care for your bulbs, trees, roses and so much more. For every plant, there’s the perfect compost to help it flourish.