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Starting Seeds in an Egg Carton

For Spring seedlings, forget shelling out on plastic pots and make the most of something much better, more sustainable and free – egg cartons!

Start your seeds on the right track with something as accessible as an empty Birds and the Bees egg carton. Without plastic, fuss, and needless garden centre trips, this beginner-friendly garden hack holds all you need to give your plants the best possible start whilst utilising household items you would ordinarily throw away!

Why an Egg Carton?

  • Fully compostable so better for the environment
  • The shape of the carton is perfect for segmenting seeds
  • The material can be written on so you can label your seeds into different batches

The Method

  • Poke holes in the bottom of each egg cup for drainage
  • Cut off the carton lid and place underneath to capture the excess water, and stand on a tray or plate to avoid spoiling your surface
  • Fill each egg cup with potting soil, placing seeds in appropriate depth
  • Water the container to get the soil moist but not soaking
  • Keep it warm by putting the carton either in a reusable bag or cover with film, allowing the seeds to germinate
  • Once they sprout, you can remove the carton from the bag (or uncover) and set in a sunny, warm spot until they are ready to be planted outside. Windowsills are perfect for this, and make it even easier to watch your seedlings blossom into beautiful plants!