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Another Spring in Lockdown? The Secret to Survival is in the Garden!

Another Spring in lockdown may mean more days spent in the garden. Luckily for you, not only do we have the best compost and gardening essentials ready to deliver straight to your door so you don't have to do the heavy lifting, you can use the seeds from our organic fruit and veg to grow your own vegetable patch!

A lot of people assume that growing your own fruit and veg is labour-intensive and complicated. You might be surprised to find that for some produce, it’s actually pretty simple, so if you passed on the home-grown trend last year, take a look at our simple tips and look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts flourish by the time life returns to normal.


So, what are your options from our own fruit and veg range?


Tomatoes were certainly the stars of the show when it came to lockdown home farming last year. Most people opted for these simple fruits because they grow quickly and make a great starting point no matter how green your thumb is.

For the juiciest results, all you need is quality tomato seeds (use the ones from our organic cherry vine tomatoes), some good soil, and preferably some tomato plant food to ensure a healthy and vibrant yield.

Make the most of the tomatoes you grow by checking out our recipes for some dishes that are sure to impress your future house guests.


A more exciting and challenging planting project is avocadoes. It’s true, you may never see the fruit growing in your lifetime, but with a little care and a few months of perseverance, you can easily end up with some exotic-looking houseplants that are relatively easy to care for and will bring a lovely touch of greenery to your home.

The most common way to grow an avocado tree is to stab the pit with a couple of toothpicks and suspend it half in water until it sprouts roots and a shoot, wait until the shoot grows a few inches tall, then transfer it to soil.


Apples are the perfect choice for someone willing to be a lot more patient, and the results will definitely be worth it! After you establish the planting part, apple trees require very little care throughout the year and will serve you for life.

Take the seeds from one of our delicious organic apples, add them to a jar of water until they sprout, then transfer the shoots to a large area of fertile soil.


There's never been a better time to grow your own, so remember to save your seeds from your next fruit and veg delivery, and start your very own project today.