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Eight Simple Ways to Fight Food Waste

While there might not be a simple recipe to end food waste altogether, there’s plenty of ways to give your leftovers a new lease of life.

We love empowering our communities to do their bit for the environment by cutting down on waste, and although it's easy to reduce unecessary packaging with our zero waste and plastic alternative options, food waste is always a challenge, particularly after Christmas when our fridges are full of festive food we've lost the apetite for. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few top tips to recycle those leftovers without even having to leave your home.

  • If you're a keen gardener, you're probably already composting your food waste, but those leftovers could also help turn your garden into a winter wildlife haven. With homemade fat cakes, birds will soon come flocking to feast on those things you'd otherwise throw away. Check out our simple instructions here.
  • If you find yourself with too many bananas, freeze the ones that are starting to turn brown and go soft. When you're ready to use them, they'll be perfect for extra-cool smoothies or milkshakes. Check out our milkshake recipes for plenty of inspiration.
  • For the frugal foodie looking for something different, why not give your vegetable leftovers a tasty second life with our extra-simple baked vegetable crisps recipe? This works well for all kinds of veggies that are nearing their end, and you can even experiment with peelings, too.
  • Discover your inner artist and try your hand at creating natural dye and ink from fruit and veg waste. To find out more, check out our simple guide here.
  • If you find yourself with a fridge full of fruit and vegetables you thought you'd have eaten by now, a simple homemade stock is always a good idea. Check out this delicious risotto recipe you can use it in.
  • Crumbs! As well as French toast, not-so-fresh bread is perfect for whizzing up into breadcrumbs you can use for all kinds of hot dishes; while dry cake and biscuits can be treated the same to turn them into the sweetest homemade pie crusts.
  • If you have too many pots of yoghurts nearing their use-by date, try out some yoghurt flatbreads to enjoy alongside a hot curry or turn into a pizza - the king of leftovers. Alternatively, you can bake a sweet yoghurt cake that makes the prettiest addition to an afternoon tea.
  • For any kind of leftovers, there's almost always a recipe with room for some artistic license, whether it's a fritatta, risotto or soup. Have a browse of our recipes here, and have fun getting creative.