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Stop Food Waste Day 2022: Introducing Some of the Century’s Top Food Waste Saviours

In celebration of Stop Food Waste Day 2022 on 27th April, we’re feeling particularly excited about some of the more modern solutions for cutting down on waste that a few exciting entrepreneurs have come up with over the last several years.

When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, shopping for goods in eco-friendly packaging makes an enormous difference, but no matter how careful you are about cutting down on unnecessary plastic, food waste is a pesky ghoul that lurks around the fridge door of almost every home.

Whether it’s some perfectly good ingredients you had every intention of cooking into a culinary masterpiece, or even some pre-prepped meals you overestimated your appetite for, it’s far too easy to end up with leftovers.

That’s where apps like OLIO come in to save the day and lighten your bins. Like they say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ and these apps help put unwanted food to good use by connecting you to other thrifty foodies in your local community.

Download OLIO today to make some awesome savings and pass on your unwanted goods to a worthy kitchen, and checkout some of their top tips below: