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What Foods Can You Freeze? OLIO's Top Tips on How to Freeze Your Way to Zero Food Waste

When it comes to cutting down on food waste in our throwaway culture, the rules of freezing can get a little confusing, so we’ve turned to our friends at OLIO for their expertise. OLIO’s Tessa gives us her lowdown on what foods you can freeze to make the most of your freezer without ever wasting a crumb of your doorstep deliveries.

Can you freeze pastries, bread and cakes?  
Almost all loaves and pastries can be frozen. If they’re prone to sticking, just place a sheet of greaseproof paper between them. They’ll either be ready for a quick defrosting in the microwave, or toasting straight away.


Can you freeze stock, milk, gravy and other liquids?
These are all suitable for freezing so long as you leave some expanding space in the container.


What cheese can you freeze? 
Surprisingly, all cheese can absolutely be frozen! Just beware that it tends to go crumbly after freezing, so defrosted cheese is often better used for cooking than sandwiches.


Can you freeze fruit & veg?
If you don’t ‘OLIO’ your fruit and veg that’s nearing its best by date, you can always chop it up and freeze. Raw or cooked, they’re especially good for smoothies!


Can you freeze eggs? 
Would you believe it! Just be careful to either whisk the egg first, or separate the whites and the yolks and freeze them separately.