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OLIO's Top Tips: How to Reduce Food Waste at Home

Who better to advise us on the best ways to stop everyday food waste at home than one of the most innovative apps set up to change our leftover habits forever? We talked to OLIO’s Tessa about the all-important 5 S’s.

1. Shop with a plan — One of the most effective things you can do is to go shopping with a plan of your weekly meals. Tessa also advises to have one ‘cupboard meal’ per week to fall back on.

2. Store your food properly — There are hundreds of food storage tips and tricks. Check out some of OLIO’s practical storage tips here.

3. Serve smaller portion sizes — There’s a lot of truth in that old childhood saying ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.’ It’s always wiser to use smaller plates and help yourselves to seconds if you’re still feeling peckish.

4. Save your leftovers — If you’ve made too much food, make sure to save your leftovers for another day. Plenty of storage containers are the key to making this one work.

5. Share with your neighbours — If all else fails, and you find yourself with spare food you don’t want or need, why not try popping it onto the OLIO app for a neighbour to pick up? Half of all the food is requested in under 21 minutes, and over 18 million portions have been given away so far! Not only does it feel good to share, you could also make a neighbour’s day.