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A Day in the Life of a Tom Parker Creamery Cow

Ever wonder about the production behind the dairy goods delivered to your doorstep? Thanks to Tom Parker Creamery, we’re lucky enough to get a glimpse into a day in the life of one of their much-valued and pampered cows.

Like us, Tom Parker Creamery have always held the firm belief that happy cows produce the best milk, which is precisely why they work with a small pool of British farmers who give their dairy queens the top treatment they deserve.

The freedom to live outdoors is one of the most important aspects of a happy cow’s life, and at Tom Parker Creamery farms, their free-range herds enjoy at least 180 days of the year roaming around with their friends in idyllic paddocks, grazing on fresh luscious grass to their hearts’ content.

During the colder and wetter weather when the grass stops growing, the girls move indoors where they’re more comfortable – they don’t like cold, wet weather much either! In the warm and dry sheds, they enjoy plenty of space to stretch their legs and socialise, as well as their own individual cubicles to lie down and relax - something very important to cows as they typically spend around 14 hours of the day resting! Their rooms are decked out with clean mattresses and sawdust for maximum comfort and warmth.

When it’s ‘indoor weather,’ the farmers also ensure the cows’ diet lives up to the standard they’re accustomed to in the summertime. They’re given hay, silage, and specially concocted meals of cereals, rape meal and ‘cow cake’ to give them all the nutrients they need while also keeping their diet exciting and varied.

When it comes to relaxing, these cows have it made with unique brushing stations where they can happily treat themselves to a massage while keeping their coats clean.

It’s due to the care that’s put into giving these girls a relaxed, happy lifestyle that results in their content temperament, which in turn leads them to queue up of their own accord for milking each morning and evening. There, they have music played for them as it’s known to have a calming influence.

Tom Parker Creamery believe that dedicated care, a good diet, natural lifestyle, and plenty of space to roam and socialise are all key to a healthy and happy cow, so there’s no need for ‘routine medicines’ that are used by some farms.

The result is a naturally delicious whole milk – the key ingredient in the Tom Parker Creamery range. Happy cows, happy milk, happy you!

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