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Why are Athletes Drinking Chocolate Milk?

While it seems strange to choose a sugary and creamy drink while following an active lifestyle, the classic chocolate milkshake may have some unexpected benefits to someone who wants a nice replenishment after a tough gym session.

Not only does a chocolate milk contain calcium and potassium, it has protein that aids muscle repair and essential carbohydrates to replenish energy stores. Some argue that a natural chocolate milk can contain more electrolytes than an energy drink and more potassium than a banana. Combine this with the lower levels of caffeine and artificial additives than energy drinks, a chocolate milk might look like a preferable option.

While there's no scientific proof that chocolate milk is a healthy option for fitness enthusiasts to replenish their strength, it's definitely a more natural and indulgent choice than your typical energy drink. Why not check out our delicious glass-bottled chocolate flavoured milk from Tom Parker Creamery and enjoy it as a well-earned treat after your next workout?