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Our Pioneering Electric Milk Floats

The humble milk float has been a quintessentially British icon for over a century, while quietly leading the way in electric transportation after taking over from the horse and carts of the milkmen of the early 1900s.

Today, investment in our electric vehicles is at the forefront of Milk & More’s environmental mission, which is why we proudly operate the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the UK. Our pioneering milk floats travel over 14 million miles per year (that’s 565 times around the world!) with zero emissions. These remarkable vans not only ensure that we save gallons of diesel and tonnes of CO2 every year, they ensure that the thousands of deliveries they make each night are quiet, too.

Over four times faster than their older counterparts and powered solely by battery, these floats can reach up to 80mph with a 75 mile range, allowing them to quietly glide through more streets with minimal disruption.

The eco benefits of these impressive floats haven't gone unnoticed. In 2019 alone, they won the Green Fleet of the Year award from What Van Awards; an Outstanding Achievement Award from Green Fleet Awards; the Eco Superstar award at the Great British Fleet Awards; as well as being highly commended for Eco Innovator of the Year at the Commercial Fleet Awards.