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The REAL Drinks Co. – Let’s Raise a Toast to Sparkling Celebrations!

The REAL Drinks Co. exists so that everyone can live life unconstrained, whether they're drinking or not. REAL's Naturally Fermented Sparkling Teas deliver the flavour and complexity of a fine Sparkling Wine, without the alcohol. Applying authentic winemaking techniques to the finest loose-leaf teas, they create complex alcohol-free Sparklings, naturally.

Champagne-style bottles offer a sense of theatre and occasion, with a satisfying ‘pop’ of the cork releasing captivating aromas and an unrivalled complexity of flavour. And as they’re alcohol-free, REAL’s Sparkling Teas are the perfect partner for all occasions, whether that’s alongside a delicious roast on a Sunday, catching up with friends on a weeknight or as a special gift for a weekend dinner party host.

sparkling tea
sparkling tea

The REAL Drinks Co. started its days in 2017 in founder David’s garage. David had all but given up drinking and set out to create a non-alcoholic alternative that paired with food in the same way as a wine. After 2 years of tinkering, the team had created a Sparkling with the depth of flavour he’d been missing, and their bottles soon landed on the menus of over 50 Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the UK.

They now produce both of their Sparkling Teas at their state-of-the-art Fermentery on the Waddesdon Estate in Buckinghamshire, and REAL is proud to be one of the only alcohol-free wine alternatives produced in the UK.

Pick up a bottle of REAL and uncork some bubbles today!