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The M*lkman

Our #Milkdiversity dreams have come true as we've teamed up with Jamie, founder of the M*lkman to form the ultimate white stuff alliance bringing you milk alternatives in glass bottles.

But there's an important backstory that's lead to us being able to come to work together. So, we sat down to have a chat with Jamie about his journey to becoming the M*lkman.

The story begins at a market stall on brick lane. Jamie originally began selling freshly made smoothies using alternative milks but was frustrated by the wastage from the packaging of the alternative milks. Searching for a better way to help reduce the amount of waste he stumbled across recipes for making nut m*lks and decided to try his hand at making his own – it was a success! In a spark of plant powered inspiration he made his plans to start producing plant based milk alternatives in glass bottles.

Soon enough he’d delivered his first round to six London based customers by bike. From there his success only grew and before long he’d bought his very own milk float and had to enlist help to keep up with the demand for the bottles of dairy-free deliciousness.

A little while later, we caught wind of Jamie’s fantastic products and with our shared love of reusable glass bottles, and wanting to help a fellow milkie out, we thought it only made sense to join forces! So now you can get tasty glass bottled milk and oat and coconut glass bottled m*lk delivered to your door with the M*lkman and Milk & More.

The Mlkman