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Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery: Craftmanship at Its Finest

Since 2006, Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery have been in demand by some of the most discerning chefs, their beautifully baked sourdough loaves and pastries gracing the world’s finest restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and attractions.

It’s the finest ingredients and meticulous artisan methods that make each loaf and pastry so special, with perfect texture and flavour in every bite. Eighteen hours of expert craftmanship and baking goes into each loaf, and they work with the very best Michelin star chefs to continuously innovate and look at new methods to incorporate to their traditional sourdough making processes.

Seven Seeded sourdoughs
Seven Seeded baker

It’s a small but mighty team of truly committed artisans behind the bread. Together they have over 200 years of professional experience, and they churn out an incredible 15,000 baked goods every day! Like all our suppliers, they’re committed to their good deeds too, donating 100% of excess bread and pastries to homeless shelters, food banks, and welfare kitchens at the equivalent of two percent of their turnover.

The Seven Seeded mission has always been to produce exceptional bread for everyday pleasure, and the bakers are delighted to take their chef quality breads from their ovens to your homes. Their sourdough cultures are 16 years old and they hope you can taste a piece of our history with every bite.

'This isn't just about bread; it's about the bonds it creates. Our artisanal bakes, once reserved for Michelin-starred tables, now grace your home, making the extraordinary a part of your everyday. With Milk & More, we're not just delivering bread – we're delivering an experience and a chance to break award-winning bread together in the comfort of your own home.’

- David Dwek - CEO of Seven Seeded