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Rubies in the Rubble

Condiments with a Conscience: It's All About More Taste and Less Waste

Rubies in the Rubble's uniquely-flavoured chutneys and relishes are something pretty special, and it's all down to some sustainably sourced ingredients with a remarkable backstory.

The stars behind this award-winning line of condiments are fresh fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, either as surplus, or simply for being the wrong shape, size or colour.

Luckily for us, the team behind Rubies don't care about cosmetics, although their treats do come in beautiful glass jars, and you know we love recyclable glass! So long as the ingredients pass the taste test, it's all good with this inspiring brand.

Jenny Costa, founder of Rubies in the Rubble

It all began with founder Jenny, who knew the frustrations of food waste having grown up on a farm where produce is often rejected simply for not looking pretty enough for supermarket shelves. After learning the full extent of the global food waste travesty and seeing the goods that were thrown out every day by local markets, she decided to salvage some diamonds in the rough and get creative. It's here that Rubies in the Rubble was born.

With a treasure trove of lovingly perfected recipes, Jenny turned heaps of unwanted produce into some truly special condiments. The sustainably made and tasty products that resulted from her dream really speak for themselves, winning awards year on year, including the undeniable Great Taste Awards. The brand even became the UK’s first condiments company to become a B-corp – a true indication of a business that uses its power as a force for good.

Nine years later, and still sourcing perfectly tasty but less than beautiful ingredients from British farms, the brand have become true heroes of food sustainability, rescuing those rubies from the rubble and turning them into something delicious, unique and wholesome in every way. Get a taste of them here.