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Plenish: Delicious Drinks From Earth’s Best Natural Ingredients

Plenish all started in 2012 when founder Kara, who had recently moved to London from New York, found herself desperately missing the nutrient-rich, cold-pressed juices from home. Unable to find the real deal, which she felt really benefited her wellbeing, she took matters into her own hands. She started pressing the freshest organic produce she could find, and sharing the drinks with friends, who couldn’t deny the difference in flavour. Word spread, demand grew, and it only made sense for Kara to start a business.

Thanks to a few wholesome recipes with a respect for nature at their heart, it didn’t take long for Plenish to become a go-to brand for the clean, plant-based lifestyle. With the juices flying off the shelves, Plenish turned their attention to the world of dairy alternatives, which soon followed in every flavour, each one completely natural, organic and delicious.

For Kara, working with nature is everything, and this is clearly reflected in her business. A certified B Corp since 2020, Plenish takes sustainability seriously, determined to add more to the planet than they take. All their packaging is both recycled and recyclable, they’re certified carbon negative, and they work with reforestation projects to help protect the environment they source their all-important ingredients from.

At the heart of Plenish has always been a unwavering belief in the power of natural, pure ingredients. This is why they only use a few organic ingredients in each drink, treated with respect, and concocted to the perfect recipe. With minimum interference, the natural goodness stays intact all the way to the glass, and you can taste it in every sip.