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La Tua Pasta: all you need to cook Michelin-worthy feasts in five minutes

Starting in London in 2006, the artisan chefs behind La Tua Pasta determined to create the finest fresh pasta in the whole of Britain - a pasta so exquisite that even their Italian ancestors would tip their hats.

With a few trusty recipes passed down the generations, they started shrewdly gathering the highest quality ingredients and followed time-honoured artisanal techniques to hand-craft their pasta each and every night to sell to local farmers' markets and restaurants the next day.

Their customers instantly recognised the superior quality these handmade creations have over dried pasta, and couldn't stop coming back for more! The fresh pasta has a distinctive yellow colour originating from natural ingredients including free range eggs, and boasts a lovely silky texture and satisfying bite. Word of mouth quickly propelled the family business to staggering success, and within a year their pasta was on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Fresh pasta

The name 'La Tua Pasta,' meaning 'your pasta,' was chosen to honour the customers, who have been at the heart of the family business since day one. La Tua Pasta are so passionate about their loyal customers that they even innovate recipes for them. Their tasty Pea and Shallot Ravioli, made exclusively from British ingredients, was created especially for their vegan customers, and their Spinach Ricotta Tortelloni is 100% vegetarian thanks to an inspired idea to use hard cheese in place of rennet.

Creating artisanal fresh pasta is an Italian tradition that takes patience and expertise. The generously plump tortelloni are folded one by one, and everything is handmade in small batches to ensure the freshest taste. When it comes to ingredients, only all-natural, premium quality will do. La Tua Pasta work with local trusted suppliers, but will also search far and wide if it means getting the best flavours - they've been shipping in pumpkins all the way from Italy for the last 10 years.

La Tua Pasta has become the most awarded pasta company in the UK, winning over 75 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods so far, but despite their endless accolades, their values remain the same as ever. Their delicious creations are still hand-crafted in-house every night so that you can enjoy an authentic taste of Italy, delivered to your door by Milk & More.