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Jacksons of Yorkshire and cheese

Unmistakably Jacksons Since 1851: Quality Starts at the Source

One of Britain’s proudest traditional bakeries, Jacksons of Yorkshire are experts at baking up brilliant bloomers every single day, each one always bursting with the most distinctive flavours and textures imaginable.

Generations of Jacksons have dedicated themselves to early mornings of hard graft and hot ovens to produce their famous loaves of champions. Wearing the Yorkshire Rose with pride, they’ve been running their family bakery since 1851, when William Jackson opened his very first shop in East Yorkshire.

Still continuing the family tradition, there are now sixth generation bakers providing that sense of family continuity and pride. Just like the old days, they still insist on the highest standards, carefully selecting the finest ingredients - most importantly flour from their trusted Yorkshire-based supplier.

With every hard day’s baking that goes by, to every business decision made, Jackson’s Bakery never sways from the same great taste, texture and freshness that they are renowned for. They were the very first UK bread brand to become palm oil free, with their bakes also containing no artificial preservatives and wrapped with recyclable packaging. Try out their delicious bloomer range including White, Multigrain Brown, Bloomin’ Both and Multiseed, and treat yourself to truly tasty loaves that will brighten up all your breakfasts and lunches.

Jacksons of Yorkshire coronation chicken
Jacksons of Yorkshire peaches and cheese