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Islands chocolate recipes

Islands: Chocolates with Conscience and Caribbean Spirit

The story of Islands is just as unique as their award-winning chocolate. ‘Rich in Caribbean spirit, full of Island soul’ is the motto, and the beautiful island of St. Vincent is where the story begins, the natural home of some of the world’s most wonderful cocoa.

The goal was to craft amazing quality chocolate the most ethical way possible. The Islands chocolatiers knew that while they couldn’t right all the wrongs of the chocolate industry, they could do a lot better than the profit-hungry businesses who make cheap chocolate from palm oil and mouldy cacao, businesses who don’t care about treating their employees and environment fairly.

The key was to manage every step of the chocolate’s journey, from seed to shelf, and so Islands sits in the 0.01% of the chocolate market who are both cocoa farmers and chocolate makers. By giving themselves full power, they could guarantee that the atrocities of deforestation, child labour and slavery were completely absent from their supply chain. Their employees’ wages are seven times over the Fair Trade Pledge, and in their efforts to leave a positive impact on the environment, they’ve planted over 1 million trees to date.

Islands farmer
Islands chocolate cacao

The cacao is farmed on the beautiful St. Vincent, where it benefits from the island’s naturally nutrient-rich volcanic soil, deep shady valleys, and the all-important spirit of the Caribbean. The farmers and chocolatiers treat their cacao like a fine wine, nurturing every tree from seed, individually hand-harvesting the pods, carefully fermenting and drying the beans and expertly roasting them at low temperatures to curate the finest-flavour, purest quality cocoa.

With this elite natural ingredient, they craft outrageously tasty, award-winning chocolates, which are rightfully loved by the UK’s top chefs, baristas, bakers and connoisseurs.