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Homethings cleaning solutions

Homethings: ‘It’s Time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink’

Years of living in university house shares and seeing plastic waste piling up around them got the innovative minds of Tim and Matt ticking. It was 2020 and the friends thought it bonkers that almost every cleaning product under their sink was water-based and packaged up in single-use plastic bottles, when their cleaning power could be concentrated into a dissolvable tablet: ‘Why ship water around the world when you can Just Add Tap?’

Dead set on bringing their idea to life, they quit their corporate jobs and set to work with expert green formulation chemists to perfect the formulas and fragrances needed to create these planet-friendly tablets. Pairing the powerful tablets with a refillable spray bottle, they had a brilliant refill innovation on their hands, which they launched on Kickstarter, making £16,000 on day one. It seemed there was strong demand for a solution that produces 94% less carbon emissions than a traditional bottle of household cleaner!

Homethings founders
Homethings dissolving tab

The products really took off on Dragon’s Den the following year, where Tim and Matt pitched their cleaning sprays and won bids from all five dragons, which allowed them to expand their range to even more innovative, eco-friendly products, including powerful, plastic-free dishwasher tablets.

Homethings all started with a dream for a more eco-friendly way of cleaning, believing in the power of small changes at home contributing to a greener world for all, so it’s no surprise their eco initiatives have continued to grow. They’re amazingly already ranked in the top 5% of all B Corps in the world for sustainability, proving they’re truly determined to use their business as a force for good. All their products are Cruelty Free certified and approved by the Vegan Society, and they won the B Corp Best For the World ‘Environment’ award in 2022. We can’t wait to see what more they’ll achieve!