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Good Club doorstep delivery

The Refill Revolution: Join Us in Levelling up in the Zero Waste Shopping Game

Just like us, Good Club are determined ambassadors for food packaged up in returnable, reusable containers. From cereals to sugar, their goods help us make yet another step in our march towards a future free of single-use plastic.

The driving force behind Good Club’s returnable, refillable tubs evolved from an event founder Ben Patten ran in the 00s called Green Mondays. It was a means for corporations to explore sustainable strategies, and it got Ben interested in the closed loop and reuse business model.

Addressing their environmentally-conscious customers’ wishes, Good Club realised that eco-friendly packaging was as important as sustainably produced goods, so went about investigating different packaging materials and their lifecycles, different approaches and prototypes. They eventually concluded that returnable, refillable tubs were the way to go.

Just like our glass-bottled milks, juices and household supplies, you can keep the containers until you’ve finished with the goods within, or decant them into your own storage as soon as you get them.

They even have sturdy glass jars to store them in! Once you’re done with the original tubs, just leave them on your doorstep and your milkman will take them away to be reused again and again, just like your milk bottles.

Give Good Club a chance and soon enough, your cupboards may be stocked with even more refillable solutions than your fridge and bathroom!