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Fiona Cairns: The Icing on the Cake

What would Christmas be without a classic Christmas cake to finish off the feast? This Christmas indulge yourself and your loved ones with one of Fiona Cairns’ sumptuous Christmas cakes and cupcakes.

From the very first measure of flour to the final embellishment of decoration, every one of Fiona’s cakes are made by hand. It’s what makes them truly special.

Fiona Cairns baking

Never settling for second best, into each of her decadent treats goes only the finest ingredients including the freshest butter, top-quality spices and free range eggs, not to mention a hearty splash of tipple for a deliciously boozy kick!

These lovely little cakes are gorgeous on the inside and out and make for a wonderful Christmas dessert, gift to a foodie loved one or if you can resist temptation and save a cupcake for Christmas Eve, they’re a great mince pie alternative and a sure fire way to get on the good list!