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Re-Fill-able: The Next Big Step to Sustainability

As we continue on our quest to bring sustainability to your door, we've been on the look-out for other businesses who share our passion for refillable packaging.

Enter Fill - the family business that ticks all of our boxes with their mission: eco-focused cleaning products that look cool and help to reduce waste.

Though Fill may be a relatively new kid on the block, its story really begins with founder Phill’s father who, back in the 80’s, manufactured revolutionary water saving, extra efficient, refillable bulk detergents for big laundries to be able to use and return. His father’s innovation, an awareness of the amount of plastic used by the cleaning industry and an idea from his cousin to sell laundry detergent refills from an ice cream van, spurred on Phill’s decision to bring eco-conscious, refillable washing products to individual customers.

So, in 2011 Phill began working with innovative field chemists to create simple but effective detergents that used biodegradable ingredients and no dyes or harsh chemicals.

As for the bottles themselves, Phill was set on using an alternative to plastic as to not join the crowds he was seeing in supermarkets, but he also wanted the bottles to look great so that people would feel encouraged to keep and refill them rather than throw them away. His inspiration came from none other than our very own glass milk bottles! Paired with a brilliant screen printed design, the Fill bottles became a visual hit on trade fair stands. Fill – and Phill – were ready to clean Britain’s clothes and linens by storm.

Since then, Fill has been constantly working to make their products and packaging as environmentally conscious as possible, whilst still maintaining brilliant cleaning power.

For Fill, being a responsible business is key, which is why along with all their environmental efforts, they're also members of the 1% for the Planet movement, meaning that 1% of their total turnover every year goes to charitable causes.

Now, as fellow eco-conscious advocates and glass enthusiasts, it was fate that we should work together, so Fill has joined in the clinking chorus on our milk floats to bring refillable household products to more doors than ever, helping to reduce plastic waste one refill at a time. Simply rinse and return the Fill bottles, as you would your milk bottles, and they will be washed and reused - another easy way to REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE with us.