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Biotiful: Super. Naturally.  

As the UK’s leading kefir brand, Biotiful has long been relied on by families to help naturally support good gut health. Their mission is to make gut health accessible to all, and with a wide range of delicious natural dairy and dairy-free products, they have something to suit everyone at every age.

Originating from the Caucasus mountains, kefir has been a trusted dietary staple for over 2000 years. The word ‘kefir’ means ‘feel good’ and with over 40 strains of live cultures in each bottle, Biotiful kefir helps you feel exactly that!

Biotiful Mango Kefir poured

Gut health can impact both physical and mental well-being. Maintaining a healthy gut can improve digestion, boost immunity, enhance mood, and even help you sleep better. Fermented foods like kefir are probiotic, meaning they provide a dose of live microorganisms and calcium to help support healthy digestion and improve gut health.

All our Biotiful products are made with British cow’s milk and never any added sugar. They’re packed full of protein and a great source of vitamin B12, which helps support the immune system.

Why not check out the irresistibly creamy Biotiful Organic Kefir Drink Original, the award-winning Biotiful Kefir Drink Cherry, or the fruity flavour-packed Biotiful Kefir Drink Mango, and enjoy a delicious, natural, gut-friendly boost to your breakfast? Discover the range here.