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Biona Organic: Good for You, Great for the Planet

Biona started life as a small, family-run organic wholefoods store over 40 years ago. The family were impassioned to make their mark in the organic world, and they certainly succeeded! Dedicated to sourcing all-natural produce with the richest flavours, they turned them into delicious foods and packaged them with beautiful labels hand-painted by their founder, Donata.

Today, Biona leads the way in organic essentials, and they’ve stayed true to their roots through and through. All of Biona’s ingredients are grown on organic farms by producers who passionately believe in the purity of all-natural produce grown without a single GMO, pesticide or herbicide in sight.

Biona organic chopped tomatoes

The farmers follow the highest welfare and environmental standards to the ‘t’ because in Biona’s eyes (and Milk & More’s!), responsible farming is just as important as incredible flavour.

In addition, 67% of their products are produced using renewable resources and their perfect chopped tomatoes are packaged in fully recyclable tins.

By choosing Biona, you’re making a delicious choice while taking another step on the journey towards sustainable living.