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Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms; Delicious Drinks, Real Homemade Taste

Belvoir Fruit Farms has always been a family affair, ever since its beginnings 30 years ago in the hills overlooked by Leicestershire’s magnificent Belvoir Castle.

With the help of her family, Mary Manners began picking the farm’s native sweet elderflowers, then infusing them in the family kitchen to create delicious glass-bottled cordials.
Since then, the family has passionately worked to create tasty new recipes using different fruits, berries and spices, expertly pressing and blending them before mixing them with spring water to create premium drinks bursting with floral and fruity flavours.

To this day, Belvoir still believe in their trusted, natural ingredients, never using anything artificial, so that you can enjoy a taste of nature with each of their refreshing cordials, presses and fizzes.