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Belu - Investors in People and Planet

Belu started out with a bold but simple purpose – to change the way the world sees water. Believing that everyone on Earth should have easy access, their mission goes far beyond the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Welsh hills where their mineral water is sourced and the hotels where it’s served.

Committed to leaving a positive impact on the planet, their early profits went straight towards becoming carbon neutral and implementing a circular economy. Just like us, they’re big believers in the power of the glass bottle. In an industry filled with cheap plastic throwaways, it’s not always easy being green, but they manage to make clear lightweight glass in Britain from at least 35% recycled material. All of their bottles are 100% recyclable, and if you order them from us, we’ll take them away for refill, too.

Although operating only in the UK to minimise their environmental footprint, Belu still leave a positive impact in the poorest places on the planet. Since 2011, they’ve been giving 100% of their net profits (that’s £5.2 million!) to WaterAid, who share their commitment to ending water poverty.

By providing a planet-friendly shopping option in an industry plagued by plastic, Belu give us a way to enjoy water while helping others enjoy it too. How refreshing!