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Green is the New Black: Enjoy Some Doorstep Magic, and We’ll Plant a Tree

Instead of joining the shopping stampedes this weekend, why not take a step back from the chaos and embrace a far more wholesome holiday?

This weekend, we’re going all in for Green Friday by planting as many trees as we can – one for every new customer who signs up to Milk & More deliveries, and one for every twenty one-off orders! But what is Green Friday?

Simply put, it’s a planet-friendly, mindful alternative to Black Friday that’s all about appreciating nature, being kind and giving back.

Depending on how you choose to spend it, this lovely, laid-back day may involve:

  • Putting down your devices and enjoying the great outdoors instead
  • Shunning the hustle and bustle at the shops in favour of spending time with friends and family
  • Doing something kind – whether it’s a spot of volunteering, a charity donation, or simply a nice surprise for a friend
  • Getting some exercise in the fresh air
  • Take the time to create something – whether it’s getting crafty, taking care of plants, or trying out a new recipe
  • Planting a tree… Never mind, we’ll do that part for you!

If we learned anything from the recent discussions at COP26, it was that deforestation is sadly not slowing down, and there’s no doubt that now is the time to take action.

Here at Milk & More, we’re proud to be working with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, an inspiring organisation dedicated to fighting climate change by reforesting the UK one tree at a time. Despite only starting out just six years ago, they’ve already planted 8 million trees, always choosing the best native varieties for every environment, allowing local nature and ecosystems to flourish.

‘Our mission is to make the UK green again and working with companies such as Milk & More, who have the same mission as us, is a crucial stepping-stone to help rebuild ‘lost forests’ and maintain native ecosystems for years to come.’

- Nick Hollingworth, Founder and Director of Creating Tomorrow’s Forests

This partnership is yet another step in our ongoing mission to make sustainable shopping easier for everyone every day.

‘At Milk & More, we’re committed to looking after the planet and this partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is one way we can do this. People often think that to make a difference, they have to do something “big,” but this time round, it’s really as simple as ordering your milk, bread, cheese and other groceries online! It will only take a couple of minutes and will really help make a difference.’

- Andrew Kendall, Milk & More’s COO

With this exciting new partnership, we’re so excited to announce that for each new Milk & More customer who signs up during Green Friday weekend (26th to 29th November), and for every twenty one-off orders, we’ll be planting a native tree (English Oak, Silver Birch or Hazel) in Somerset in a bid to help reforest the UK, preserve biodiversity and restore native woodland for habitats and wildlife to thrive.

What could be an easier way to contribute to this great cause than by sitting back, enjoying your doorstep magic and letting us do the rest? Spread the word – the more people who know, the more trees we’ll plant!