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Yoghurts Delivery

For the very best yoghurts delivery in time for breakfast, take your pick from our range of rich, creamy yoghurts, with fat free, Greek yoghurt and organic yoghurt varieties, including River Cottage and Brown Cow Organics favourites.

Don't forget to pair your yoghurt with a fresh glass of milk and some delicious options from our breakfast selection.

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Yoghurt FAQs

Yes, some yoghurt is suitable for freezing, and makes a delicious treat. Check the label for individual products, and be careful to decant them into freeze-safe containers first.
Live yoghurt has been fermented with live culture bacteria, also known as friendly bacteria.
Yoghurt is made by heat treating milk and adding live bacteria, known as 'yoghurt cultures,' which ferment the lactose into lactic acid. The lactic acid makes the milk more acidic, causing the proteins to coagulate and change texture.
Dairy-based yoghurts do contain lactose, but can often be enjoyed by people with lactose intolerance because of yoghurt’s unique makeup, as the live cultures help digest the lactose. At Milk & More, we also sell a lactose-free yoghurt alternative by Alpro.
At Milk & More, you can buy traditional dairy yoghurts in plenty of fruity flavours from the likes of River Cottage, Tims Dairy and Pure Nature, as well as Greek yoghurts, kefir fermented yoghurts, and a vegan-friendly plant-based yoghurt alternative from Alpro.
Yes, we currently offer organic yoghurts from River Cottage, Brown Cow Organics, Yeo Valley, and Pure Nature, that are all certified organic. Look out for the organic icon underneath each product when browsing, and check out our full organic range of food and drink here.
Yes, we have a soya yoghurt alternative from Alpro that is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.
All of our yoghurts should be kept refrigerated as soon as you take them inside in the morning. To keep them as fresh as possible before you wake up, we recommend a Milk Minder to keep them cool on your doorstep.
No, there's never a minimum order requirement. Your milkman will deliver however much you want, even if it's just one yoghurt pot.
Our Customer Services team can be reached on 0345 606 3606, through a contact form, Live Chat, or via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.