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River Cottage

River Cottage - Nature-Friendly Farming the Way It Should Be

The gorgeously thick and creamy River Cottage yoghurts came to fruition from a collaboration between organic food enthusiast and River Cottage founder Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and owner of Brown Cow Organics, Judith Freane. With their shared passion for top quality natural produce and eco-friendly farming focused on animal welfare, they came up with a line of naturally brilliant live yoghurts with truly unbeatable flavour.

It All Starts With the Cows…

At Brown Cow organics, ethical procedures and sustainability are core values, and Judith has been at the forefront of the highest animal welfare and the most progressive organic soil science. Their beautiful Guernsey Cows enjoy a natural life that's not only great for them, but beneficial to the environment, too. They're milked only once a day, and spend the rest of their time relaxing outdoors for at least nine months of the year. Unlike most other dairy herds, these cows are not fed any concentrates but a simple diet of grass and natural wild forage.

When it comes to grass management, Brown Cow Organics are truly unique. When the cows graze, they enjoy an excellent 18 species combination of organically-grown grasses and herbs. Why so many? Because just like us, cows appreciate variety in their diet. And grass also happens to be one of the best plants for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

River Cottage yoghurts

Why Guernsey Cows?

Some 25 years ago, after DNA testing, it was acknowledged that the A2 beta casein protein-rich whole milk produced by this very special breed, originating from the Channel Islands, was a particularly nutritious and gut-friendly milk that's easier than others to digest.

Judith retains this special characteristic with an artisan process of yoghurt production using whole unadulterated, non-homogenised milk. This makes a naturally rich and truly wholesome yoghurt whose texture and flavour simply can’t be beaten.

All British and All Good

The naturally thick and creamy yoghurts come in a range of flavours, including large jars of Natural, as well as the celebrated 'fruit on the bottom' small jar range, using lightly sweetened organic seasonal fruit compotes. Poured into British-made glass jars for maximum freshness in a plant powered by electricity generated by rooftop solar PV's the process is committed to minimising environmental impact.

River Cottage has also helped to develop the 'earth label' used on the jars, made from sustainably sourced paper pulp, and completely free of SUPs and toxic solvents, even in the glue.

​​​​​​​The River Cottage/ Brown Cow collaboration has created the most delicious and most sustainably produced yoghurts on the market, which is why they call it Food to Inspire Change.