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Proper Nutty

Proper Nutty: Artisan peanut butter
from Yorkshire

Stuart and Kathryn Franklin, began their Proper Nutty adventure upon their return to Yorkshire, after moving abroad several years before. 

During their time spent living away, they discovered and developed a love for high quality peanut butter which they found they missed once they were back in the UK. 

Inspired by the natural peanut butters they were used to using in their meals and recipes, they decided to ditch what they found on the shelves and start making their own. 

They slow roasted small batches of peanuts, then ground them to create the uniquely Proper Nutty ‘smunchy’ texture - a perfect mix that’s smooth yet still crunchy. 

All of their family and friends who tried their homemade creation loved it so much that they encouraged the couple to start making it on a larger scale. Once they did, it wasn’t long before Stuart and Kathryn were moving from their kitchen table to their factory in Huddersfield. It’s there, that the pair make and package their deliciously moreish peanut butter into recyclable glass jars. 

They’re incredibly proud of their 100% natural, wholesome peanut butter, made with nothing but peanuts and a pinch of natural sea salt for a ‘Slightly Salted’ flavour. Just proper nutty peanut butter, the way it should be.

peanut butter and banana on toast
Proper Nutty Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Apple Slices