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Clarence Court hens

Clarence Court - the Most Exquisite Eggs since Fabergé


The story of Clarence Court begins in 1928 when British botanist and explorer Clarence Elliot brought Patagonian jungle fowl home with him to Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire.

These exotic birds were cross-bred to produce exquisite hens that lay the most beautiful eggs with hard shells, deep golden yolks, and sumptuous flavour. ​​​​Generations later, through pedigree breeding and superior care, the eggs from these fabulous birds are practically royalty in the egg world, esteemed for their premium quality and unbeatable taste.

Clarence court hens
Burford Brown eggs

Like us, Clarence Court are big believers in responsible farming, and the welfare of their hens is second to none. Roaming freely from dawn to dusk on England's green fields, the privileged birds graze on an expertly-formulated, maize-enriched diet that includes wheat, sunflower, soya, paprika and marigold. This is why their yolks are so golden and the eggs are brimming with flavour.

Their dedicated and specialist farmers nurture the birds to live natural lives in the fresh air, where they lay at their own natural speed. The resulting eggs boast a unique taste evocative of a bygone era when all food was ‘slow food.’

We're proud to sell Clarence Court's glorious Burford Brown eggs, which are recognised by their beautifully glossy brown hard shell that makes them perfect for soft-boiling and retaining their farm-fresh flavour. The eggs have won universal admiration thanks to the upstanding plumpness of their golden yolks and brightness of their whites. These are the perfect all round eggs.