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A Top Tip for a Sustainable Spring: How to Make Your Own Bug Hotel

Get creative in the garden this Spring with nothing more than a few leftover cans and some everyday garden waste. It’s all you need to help the bees (and some other six-legged friends)!

It’s estimated that more than 40% of insect species are declining, with the overall number believed to be falling by a staggering 2.5% a year.

To help our invertebrate friends thrive, host them in your very own bug hotel! This eco hack from Rachel (@thegoodlifeainteasy) attracts insects, and provides them with a safe hideaway in your garden using old tin cans!

‘I wanted to put some empty food tins to good use with a homemade bug hotel. We’ve loved making these and will be saving all our tins.’


Rachel’s Method:

1: Collect a few empty tins, give them a thorough clean and sand down the sharp edges

2: Use twine to bind the cans together into your chosen shape

3: Gather leaves, twigs, pine cones, straw to make bedding

4: Slot your materials into the tin cans – you can segment your materials and test out which ones work best