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Halloumi Toasties with Harissa and Honey

Our British-made halloumi cheese is perfect for frying, grilling and barbecuing. These easy-to-make veggie toasties are the perfect way to enjoy it as part of a meat-free barbecue or a simple yet delicious picnic lunch. Not only are they easy to prepare, you can switch the avocado and tomatoes for almost any veggie addition of your choice. Why not try adding grilled courgette and aubergine and serve with potato wedges?

  • Preparation time:
  • Cooking time:
  • Servings:

What you'll need

  • 1 avocado, thinly sliced
  • 2 thick slices of White Lake Goats Milk Halloumi
  • 4 tbsps harissa
  • Netherend Farm Organic Lightly Salted Butter (enough for frying and spreading)
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 2 tbsps Thursday Cottage Acacia Honey
  • 4 slices of your favourite bread

Products used

How to make

  1. Lightly toast and butter the slices of bread.
  2. Melt a small cube of butter in a pan on medium heat.
  3. Lightly fry the halloumi on one side for about a minute, until it turns golden all over, and darker at the edges.
  4. Flip the halloumi to fry the other side, adding 2 tbsps of harissa on top of each to heat through for about a minute more.
  5. Transfer the harissa-topped halloumi onto your bread.
  6. Add the avocado slices and cherry tomato halves on top of the harissa.
  7. Drizzle with honey and top the toasties with the remaining bread.
  8. Serve with potato wedges, or baked vegetables of your choice. Why not check out our amazing organic vegetable range?

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