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Milk & More sustainability

​​​​​​​Our Sustainability Policy

At Milk & More, we are passionate about encouraging people to eat well and live sustainably. We do this by championing smaller suppliers who we trust to provide the very best products for us to deliver to your doorstep.

Our mission is to deliver a positive impact on local communities, the environment and ultimately you. Deeply rooted as a British icon, we strive to continue both the milkman legacy and its expansion.

Sustainability, including social, environment, economic and supplier aspects, is critical to us delivering on our aims, and embedding sourcing and operating in a sustainable manner is a core activity in the business.

We will:

  • Focus on providing products to our customers that help enhance their lives sustainably.
  • Understand and reduce our environmental impacts, including carbon, water, plastic and waste
  • Work to reduce the impacts when transporting our products to our customers
  • Ensure we are an ethical employer who follows the requirements of the ETI Base code
  • Implement animal welfare standards for our suppliers
  • Work with and support our supply chain to reduce impacts and promote sustainable business practice

Our Targets

1. Working with our suppliers to develop a sustainable future

Animal Welfare
We will work with all our farmer partners to improve animal welfare, reduce the use of antibiotics and support improvements in their business, environmental and products' performance.

All our dairy farms will have

  • A Johnes Management Plan
  • An antibiotic plan
  • Are part of the Müller Farm Insights System

See our full animal welfare policy

Next Generation Farmers
We will support the next generation of agriculture with long term structure training and support systems for at least 20 young farmers.

We will continue to seek to increase our organic range offered to our customers.

Local Sourcing
We will increase where possible the percentage of locally sourced products offered to our customers.

Supplier partnerships
We will work with our suppliers to align sustainability, ethical and environmental standards throughout the supply chain.

2. Continuously improving environmental performance and embracing circular economy principles

By 2050 we will be carbon neutral.

We will reduce our carbon footprint by a further 20% by 2025 from a 2015 baseline.

Food Loss and waste
In line with UN Target 12.3 we will reduce our food waste and loss by 50% by 2030 from a 2017 baseline.

Plastics and packaging
By 2025, 100% of our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable in a fully circular economy, as per the UK Plastic PACT.

We will reduce our water use across the business by 15% by 2025 from a 2015 baseline.

3. Supporting our people through the best environment, development and opportunities

We will implement a wellness toolkit across the business covering mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

Employee engagement
Using an independent survey, we will assess and improve our levels of employee engagement across the business.

Future careers
Through creation of career frameworks, internal development programmes and apprenticeships we commit to continuing to improve career opportunities in the business.

We will continue to lead the Dairy Industry Skills Partnership and create exceptional Dairy learning to improve the industries productivity, our people capabilities and the image of the sector.

Modern slavery
The business will use the Stronger Together framework to develop create a programme to raise awareness of modern slavery.

See our full modern slavery statement.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report
You can find our 2020 sustainability report here.