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Village Press juices

The Village Press - Chasing the Sun for the Best Fruits to Squeeze Daily

A glass of refreshing, zingy orange juice is a perfect way to start the day. But there’s more to making delicious juice than just squeezing fresh oranges. The talented people at The Village Press will tell you that.

The Village Press takes its inspiration from the picturesque village of Headcorn in Kent, where their 100% freshly squeezed juices and smoothies have been made daily since 2001.

Working with ethical growers who do the right things, such as careful irrigation and orchard control, they select the best fruit from around the world, to help ensure a consistently high-quality yield throughout the year.

Their freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are available in a wide range of flavours to offer something for everyone, and have added functional benefits, including the Orange & Apple Juice which are high in Vitamin C, and the Smoothies, packed with additional vitamins.

Buy Village Press juices at Milk & More

Buy Village Press smoothies from Milk & More

To create their signature Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, they ‘chase the sun’ to find the perfect oranges each time from Spain and Cyprus in the summer months, and Brazil and Peru in the winter.

The Village Press' passion for freshness means that as soon as the perfect batch of oranges arrives, it’s taken immediately for squeezing.

Their flavour experts make sure to get the perfect blend every time for each of their drinks. Every ingredient is carefully chosen to make sure the right combination of acidity and sweetness is achieved all year around.

Finally, the sweet drinks are poured into glass bottles just for us here at Milk & More so we can bring it to you without plastic. It’s a world of taste delivered right to your front door!