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the Artisan Bakery

The Artisan Bakery: Luxury Loaves and Pastries Straight From the Bakers

The Artisan Bakery has been making the best naturally leavened sourdough in London for more than eleven years. Their incredible breads and pastries are enjoyed in some of the capital’s top restaurants, hotels and cafés, and at Milk & More we're delighted to bring these wonderfully fresh baked goods directly to your door.

The bakery was founded in 2009 with just one baker, a 16 year old sourdough starter, and a goal - to serve their community with beautiful breads and pastries. Today, the starter and the ethos remain the same, but the team has grown, with seven artisan bakers and three pâtissiers creating the best handmade breads and pastries for the whole of London and beyond!

All of these luxurious baked goods are handmade each day using the finest natural ingredients and created to time honoured artisanal standards by a highly skilled team of bakers and pastry chefs. The delicious breads and pastries arrive to Milk & More customers' doorsteps tasting just as fresh and delicious as when they left the bakery.

The Artisan Bakery's soft, tangy sourdough is unrivalled, and their simple multigrain loaf tastes anything but. As for their pastries, why not try one of their mouth-watering pain au chocolats or a deliciously flaky croissant with your next order for a fresh tasty treat delivered in time for breakfast?