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Rude Health cereals

A Life Lived in Rude Health is a Life Worth Living

If you thought muesli and porridge were boring breakfasts, you probably haven't heard of Rude Health.

The mission began in 2005 with husband and wife team Camilla and Nick, and their determination to bring flavour and enjoyment to healthy eating. Always passionate about wholesome, homemade food, they became more scrutinous of shop-bought cereals after starting a family. Browsing the aisles, they noticed a clear divide between the healthy and the tasty, and that the ‘healthy’ options were often anything but. 

Offended by the ‘rabbit food’ nature of the truly healthy cereals, they dreamt up a huge goal – to create the world’s most exciting muesli. From their own kitchen table, they experimented with the most flavoursome fruits, crunchiest nuts and seeds, and smoothest grains, eventually concocting the tastiest combination of twenty-three perfect ingredients, each organically and sustainably farmed, nutritious and delicious.

Proudly naming it ‘The Ultimate Muesli,’ they started boxing it up in recycled jars and shoe boxes to sell locally, and it wasn't long before it took off - even Nigella Lawson loved it. Camilla and Nick were so proud of their muesli that they used it in place of confetti at their wedding that year- something they wouldn't recommend due to the amount of guests leaving with oats in their hair!

Propelled by the muesli's success and with their flair for flavour, the couple soon expanded their range, turning their attention to oats. With Rude Health’s Daily Oats, Nick, an avid porridge fan, is a regular contender at the annual World Porridge Championships, winning twice so far.

Fifteen years on, and with dozens more products including their indulgently smooth and creamy dairy alternatives, the goal is still the same – to keep flavour at the heart of simple nutrition so that you can enjoy food that sets you up for a day spent in rude health – feeling good and living life to its best.