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We Need to Talk About Kefir… Nourish Kefir

Kefir, an old Turkish word, meaning ‘good life’ or ‘long life’ is a fermented milk drink that’s got a reputation for its gut-friendly values, and you can bet we’ve sought out the best British supplier to deliver this enigmatic delight straight to your doorstep!

Nourish Kefir started out in 2009 in a small London industrial kitchen that was soon turned into a micro fermentation factory kitted out with all the specialist equipment and freshest British organic milk and real kefir grains needed to produce the thing they call ‘the miracle drink.’

Since their 2007 beginnings, Nourish Kefir have been perfecting the process of fermenting real kefir grains and growing their own cultures. Their authentic slow fermentation process takes 6 days in total to produce each batch – a necessity for creating a drink that boasts true benefits for the gut.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that something nicknamed ‘the miracle drink’ should require such precise standards, but we’re so glad Nourish stuck to their dream to create the ultra fresh, sugar-free, gluten-free kefir we enjoy today.