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Cathedral City: Proud To Be the Nation's Favourite

Named after the cathedral in Wells, Somerset where it all began, Cathedral City is one of the West Country's most famous triumphs. Known and loved all over Britain, its supremely rich, creamy cheese was supplied to The Late Her Majesty The Queen and is still the only cheddar to have received the Royal Warrant.

A commitment to creating high-quality, great-tasting cheddar remains at the heart of Cathedral City – over 50 years after it all began. Of course, to make the perfect cheese, every drop of milk has to be of the highest quality.

Sourced from a network of trusted family farms in Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset in the West Country – referred to as ‘God’s country’ for dairy produce – the milk used to create Cathedral City is 100% British with a creamy richness that gives the cheese its distinctive flavour.

Cathedral City cheddar cheese toastie

Skilled master cheesemakers at Cathedral City's multi-award-winning creamery in Davidstowe, Cornwall craft the cheddar using only the finest ingredients. While the exact recipe remains a closely guarded secret, the maturation process that helps create the cheese’s unique flavour is well known. All Cathedral City cheddar is matured at a constant 50°F, aligning with traditional techniques, allowing the deliciously rich flavour to develop.

And it’s a flavour that remains unmatched! The incredible cheddar has won several coveted awards, achieving victories at The Global Cheese Awards and Nantwich International Cheese Awards.

So now you know why the nation’s favourite tastes so good, why not try it yourself? There's something for everyone and every meal at Milk & More –  from grated, sliced, and block, to lunchbox-friendly minis. Find your favourite today!