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Brown Cow Organics – Nature-Friendly Farming the Way It Should Be

Brown Cow Organics is an honest and caring brand, supporting sustainability from their beautiful third-generation family farm in Somerset.

Run by three girls in their twenties, its roots are entrenched in providing the community with a beautiful view of their 400 acres that are heaving with bees, insects, hares and deer, the air full of song from the array of birdlife. During all seasons, ancient hedgerow and land burst with seasonal colours from the flora within. It’s also the home to several rare bat species as a result of their nature-friendly pioneering organic farming methods.

herd of cows
cow in field

The small group of innovative farmers are led by an international team of scientists who are researching grass and herbs, their effect on the soil microbiology and the ability to sequester carbon and combat climate change.

The beautiful Guernsey Cows are milked only once a day, spending the rest of their time relaxing outdoors for at least nine months of the year. Unlike most other dairy herds, these cows are not fed any concentrates but an excellent 18 species combination of organically-grown grasses and herbs.

What’s really special about these Guernsey girls is their milk. Some 25 years ago, after DNA testing, it was acknowledged that the A2 Beta Casein protein-rich whole milk produced by this very special breed was particularly nutritious and gut-friendly, and easier than others to digest.

Brown Cow Organics has won the hearts and taste buds of many, having partnered with River Cottage for nearly two decades in producing gorgeously thick and creamy yoghurt. Now we have their own gut-friendly, award-winning kefir fermented yoghurts to share with you, packaged up in recyclable British-made glass jars.

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