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Milk & More's Beside the Pint

Hello from the new kids on the blog

Welcome to Beside the Pint, the brand new shiny home for recipes, news and lifestyle. We’re really excited to be able to share all of the amazing things we have lined up for you, here’s a taste of what we’ve got in store.

Brilliant bakes and mouth-watering meals
We’ve got new and exciting recipes to share, twists on old classics and adventurous culinary creations, get creative in the kitchen and whip up some truly delicious treats.

Eco Edit
From tips and tricks on how to be more environmentally conscious to our take on current issues facing the planet, our sustainability articles are great reads.

Crafty Creations
Left over packaging that you don’t want to waste? Looking for something to do on a rainy day? We’ve got some cracking crafts and upcycling ideas that will pass the time and give you beautiful results.

Extra, extra, read all about it!
Find us in the press and read about the exciting things we’ve been up to.

Much more
We’ve got plenty more wonderful things that we think you’ll love in the works that we can’t wait for you to see. Check back regularly for new posts and updates, we hope you enjoy!


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