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Some of Our Milk Prices Are Changing

Although we continue to work hard to keep our costs down and our prices low, along with many other businesses we’re continuing to see our costs go up rapidly. Unfortunately this means we need to increase some of our milk prices.

The cost of renewable electricity, fuel, glass, and prices from our great British farmers have all risen. But our promise to only use renewable energy, deliver our goods in a sustainable way, collect and wash our glass bottles for reuse, and our commitment to paying our suppliers fairly haven’t changed.

We’ve always put our farmers at the heart of what we do, and their fantastic quality milk is the true testament of that. When we drink their glass-bottled milk, we enjoy it with the confidence that it was farmed to the highest standards of ethics and quality by good farmers who care about their livestock and share our values of produce sourced in the most sustainable, ethical way possible.

We’re sorry to have to increase prices. And we can only thank you for supporting us in doing the right thing and supporting our British farmers as they produce the best dairy products.

We’re still committed to continuing to bring you, our customers, the convenience of free 7am deliveries, of the best quality, fairly and sustainably farmed food and drinks, delivered in the most planet-friendly way.

New prices for milk will come into effect from 7th July for single deliveries, and 11th July for regular orders – please check the website for details.

Thank you from the Milk & More team.