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Your FREE Sample

We hope you enjoy your free sample. If you want to find out more about your freebie, take a look to find the sample you received below!

Derby Hill Chocolate Milk

chocolate milkshake

The milkshake masters over at Derby Hill Dairy have given us a real treat and filled our iconic glass bottles with the most dreamy and creamy chocolate flavoured milk. Trust us, these really are something special! Don’t forget, once you’re done simply give the bottle a rinse and pop on your doorstep. Just like our milk bottles, they’ll be collected for refilling and reusing.

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Oato Fresh Oat Drink

Made in the UK with British oats, Oato’s oat drink is a fresh tasting milk alternative that’s just as perfectly suited to hot drinks as it is to baking, splashing over cereal, or just drinking straight out of the bottle. Bottled in glass for maximum freshness and minimal environmental impact, your milkman will collect from your doorstep to refill and reuse!

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Milk & More Orange Juice

What better way is there to start your day than with a cool glass of refreshing juice? And our delicious, zesty orange juice will make the perfect addition to your breakfast. Don’t forget to rinse and pop out the bottle on your doorstep once you’re done to be refilled and reused.