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Good Club

Good Club are one of the pioneering zero-waste suppliers who are right up our street with their mission against pointless plastic. Gone are the days of buying pasta, rice and other everyday essentials in non-recyclable plastic bags. Instead, you can now have these essentials delivered to your door in reusable tubs and let your milkman take care of the waste, which isn’t even waste! These tubs will be cleaned, refilled and reused again and again, just like our glass milk bottles.

Once you get your goods (delivered for free with no subscription needed!), you can either keep the tub until you’re finished, or simply decant your goodies into your own container, then leave the tub on your doorstep for your milkman to collect. Good Club’s airtight glass jars are the perfect storage solution for your shelves.

Find out more about the eco innovators here.

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